Reflect on how you believe you would feel about working with a client in this situation.

This Helper Studio video presents the case of Aaron. He is a young adult White heterosexual male who remains traumatized by a previous sexual assault from a former coach. As a mental health professional, you would need to make some difficult decisions about how to proceed with this type of client. Narrator: The case of Aron. The client is Aron, a young adult, white, heterosexual male who was a former college football player. He has trouble being intimate with women and remains traumatized by a prior sexual assault by a coach. He reports thoughts of self-harm. Aaron: Okay. I guess I’m here because I recently entered into an intimate relationship which for a lot of people is not big deal, normal part of life. Not so much for me. And I’m, I just, I’ve been having some issues with that dynamic. [Heavy sigh], it goes back to my second year of college. I was a football player. I got a scholarship which was very important to me, I came from a poor family, single mom. This was, this scholarship was my ticket to something better. It was my only way out of my current circumstances. So something that was very important, necessary for me to have for my life. Like I said, about my second year I started getting some strange vibes from one of the position coaches. And eventually it turned into a situation of sexual abuse. I’ve never, I’ve never said that out loud to anybody before. But I never told anybody about it, I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was if I said something, I just imagined I’d lose my scholarship, my coach gets fired and it’s in the public, everybody knows, and oof, it’s terrifying. I didn’t want to go through any of that so I chose to bury it. Now it’s been a little bit. I met somebody who changed my mind about my position on that situation. And I’ve been trying to make it work, I’ve been trying to just re-adapt and you know, change myself back into a person who can be that way with somebody. And it hasn’t been going very well. I can’t get what happened out of my head. Even now. And it’s gotten to the point where I don’t know if I can go back to the person that I was. I don’t know if I can, I don’t know. I just think what’s the point. Would it be easier if I just flipped a switch, turned it off, if everything just stopped and I wasn’t here anymore. Would that be better for everyone? develop a main response in which you address the following: Summarize the issues that Aaron presents with. Select one of the Codes of Ethics for Human Service Professionals provided in this course, and explain how Aaron’s situation relates to it. What does the code of ethics you selected require the professional do to? According to this code of ethics what procedures are professionals expected to follow? Reflect on how you believe you would feel about working with a client in this situation.


Also including their life story and why they started are and where did they get their inspiration.

Picking an art pieces from the artist and telling it about them. Also including their life story and why they started are and where did they get their inspiration.

Other / Industrial Fire Protection

Training requirements

Select any 3 fire extinguishers types discussed in chapter 7. For each extinguisher you selected:
Describe each part of the extinguisher
The types of fires it is used for
The extinguisher ratings
Training requirements
Inspection requirements
“I would suggest when describing each part of the extinguishers you select, find a photo of the extinguisher and describe each part in the photo. Remember to cite to source(s) of all your research using MLA formatting”
Book: Industrial Fire Protection Handbook by R. Craig Schroll, 2nd Edition.
(Please let me know if you need the book, I can provide screenshots for writer)


One is curated by the company and the other is more organic.

Here are two videos for Emirates Airlines, first-class luxury travel. The first one is paid advertisement by Jennifer Anniston. The other is Casey Neistat, a prominent vblogger on YouTube (was unpaid, but did get an upgrade to $21,000 Emirates first class). Expand on these topics drawing from the week’s assigned readings and the content of the Zoom session. Limit your reliance on your personal reactions (likes and dislikes) to the videos. Explore the Emirates goals underlying the vblog and the infomercial. Discuss the target segments and draw out the rationale underlying the decision to select Casey N and Jennifer A as the spokespersons. Can you derive the value proposition for the target segment and the positioning strategy from these efforts? One is curated by the company and the other is more organic. Explore the reasons for using two distinct approaches. How does this fit into a larger strategy for content marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing?

English 101

If you only copy one person (me), please note your memo should say “copy” (singular) rather than “copies” (plural).

For this assignment, please type a memo to the class informing the class about a recent news event you’ve read about. You will need to summarize an article and explain why the class should or shouldn’t care. The news article can be about any topic. (This memo should contain two paragraphs like our What’s Going On?… discussion posts.) Please include the link or hyperlink to the article; this should go above the “Copy” section.
In addition to simply typing the memo, please also include an image related to the news story and a caption. (To add a caption, simply right-click on the image in Word and follow the arrows.) The image and caption should go above the “Copy” section as the image and caption are actually part of the memo and the “Copy” section is simply informational.
Please follow the format attached explicitly. Do not use a template. Once you have typed your memo and double checked to make sure the format is identical to the format in the example, please attach your memo.
Please be sure to copy me on the memo. Please feel free to copy others on the memo, as well. If you only copy one person (me), please note your memo should say “Copy” (singular) rather than “Copies” (plural).


-no sources are needed

-The Statement is a maximum of 8,000 characters.
-I wanted my personal statement theme to revolve around “being the product of my environment”. How it impacted my mindset growing up but realizing that it’s not ultimately true because decisions also affect one’s path.
-I attached a very rough publish of all my thoughts but they are a bit jumbled, I have a hard time making it coherent, easy, and interesting to read.
-No sources are needed
-The requirements of the Personal Statement are outlined in grey at the top of the attachment
– Tried to emphasize the impact my parents had on influencing me to take pre-med, even though I was dispassionate I was still a bit interested but in another aspect, that’s what allowed me to become interested in Health Law and why I want to pursue it.


Are specific to the person, situation, or ideas

Knowledge build and reflection is a process in which we read, discuss, ask questions and build our understanding around course readings. During class you will participate in processes that allow for the class to be actively engaged in conversation around various readings/articles, posing and answering questions in order to explore and create new knowledge within the community.
Topic for Knowledge Build and Reflection:
Disciplinary Literacy
Course Outcomes:
This course is designed to prepare pre-service teachers for Interim Professional Certification by Alberta Education. Competencies included in the Alberta Teaching Quality Standard
develop an understanding of the discipline and content knowledge of the English Language Arts (3a; 4g)
develop and maintain an awareness of relevant technologies and professional resources to inform pedagogical practice (2f; 3a)
Assessment Process:
You will select and examine an article of your choice (based on the topic listed above) to bring into your reflection.
You will hand in a write up that consists of the following headings:
Summary of Reading,
Connections to the Reading (what key pieces of information or ideas came forward from the reading that you feel enhanced or contributed to your understanding of the topic?),
Focus Question and Rationale
Be sure that your sources are cited correctly. Refer to the Library Guide.
Critical Thinking is the ability to:
Analyze information – create an appraisal based on information provided
Make an evaluation in order to form a judgment
Make connections beyond a general statement with evidence to support the connection or idea made
Reflection of what to believe or do to improve one’s process of thinking (what I thought to what I think now)
Criteria of Quality Questions:
Gives you lots of information
Are specific to the person, situation, or ideas
Are open ended; cannot be answered by yes or no
Are usually not easy to answer
15% of the Final Grade

Other / Connecting Planning to Outcomes

Create an outcome to measure patient health

It human services, there are many people who will say that there is no way to measure “what we do” or explain in other general and qualitative fashions how we assist and empower people. This is not to say that we do see changes in people we are working with and appreciate a feeling of intrinsic reward. Unfortunately it is to say, that has little benefit or merit to funding sources, your board, volunteers/donors or community members.
The human services field in many ways is quickly moving toward a system that looks more like a business model. For example, the technology of participant data tracking systems are becoming the norm for the purposes of better understanding community need, trends and outcomes.
In order to make informed decisions, we need as much information and data as possible. Funding sources are now requiring the same level of detailed information to be shared when applying for funds. As you can review, by example, on p. 43 in the text where Brody talks about looking at goals as “if-then” statements, all outcomes must be measurable.
Please list three different outcomes, using the [3] categories below, of how you could measure outcomes in a community health center, listing an immediate/short term, intermediate/medium term, and long-term goal for each.

1. Create an outcome to measure patient health
2. Create an outcome to measure patient education or health knowledge
3. Create an outcome to measure patient satisfaction
Required Text
Brody, R.& Nair, M. (2014). Effectively Managing and Leading Human Service Organizations. Thousand
Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.


What are your long-term goals related to aba?

INSTRUCTION: Below is a personal statement for an application. PLEASE READ AND EDIT BY answering the following questions:
In your essay, please answer the following questions: What is ABA? Why are you interested in pursuing graduate education and training in ABA? What are your long-term goals related to ABA?
The ABA – MS program requires two 180-hour practica. ABA students must complete this requirement at a site affiliated with Hunter College. Please explain your availability to complete this program requirement.
The ABA – MS program also includes a capstone experience in which ABA students must complete either an experimental thesis or a clinical project. Please give an example of a clinical experience you’ve had that might inform your capstone experience
Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis
My particular interest and plan in studying and attaining a master of science in Applied Behavior Analysis include gaining competent knowledge and skills in order to meet the needs of my clients, such as working with teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder and directly impacting the challenges encountered. Serving others creates a great deal of satisfaction to my life. Although the duties performed by behavior analysts are at times extremely challenging and frustrating, the overall results on the client are worth it all. Analyst becomes rewarded by witnessing their client learn, grow and become successful in life.
ABA working with teenagers with ASD uses ABA techniques and principles to promote essential skills like imitation and listening and more complex skills like reading other’s facial expressions and understanding their perspectives. Combining techniques gives best outcome for a given patient. ABAS make individualized treatment plans that permit customers to learn and practice skills in a structured and unstructured environment. Working with individuals on the autism spectrum is not limited to serving kids only. As an ABA analyst, I will also assist teens, adolescents, and older persons with ASD in building crucial life skills, transitioning into independent living, carrying out daily tasks such as grocery shopping, and seeking employment opportunities.
My qualities, such as high levels of compassion and listening skills, make me an ideal candidate for the ABA program and for ultimate success in my career. Being compassionate implies the capabilities of remaining objective while at the same time identifying the problems encountered by people. While being compassionate and distanced may seem counterintuitive, they are essential for the career success of an analyst. Lack of empathy and compassion quickly makes an analyst deliver low-quality services. My strong listening skills and immersion in the lives of others also make me a great candidate for the ABA program. As an analyst, one needs to be vigilant and observant to become aware of the nuances and unuttered cues that become easily unnoticed.
Contrary to my strengths, I am overly critical. For example, when I work on a project, I usually feel that I could have delivered more even if my efforts received positive responses. That usually makes me overwork and feel burned out. However, I am nowadays taking time to check my achievements objectively and celebrating the wins.
I have a wide range of experience in the service of others that I firmly believe have a significant impact in shaping the career of my choice. For example, at the Lifestyle for the Disabled Inc., Staten Island, I provided observations, evaluations, and reports to other team players to ensure proper treatment progression. I also served other roles such as guiding and training individuals to develop their living skills, ensuring people are healthy and safe, and maintaining sanitary measures for the clients. I also have experience as an intern in Little Miracle Preschool Eden 11 programs, where through teacher’s supervision, I worked with children undertaking Applied Behavioral Analysis and discreet trials. I also took part in implementing a behavior management service plan under the supervision of a teacher. Additionally, I maintained a hygienic and safe environment for the clients and helped with behavioral and program data recording in order for individuals to attain their daily goals.
I have also worked in Liberia under challenging circumstances to create awareness on autism and improve the living conditions of underprivileged citizens, for which my pleasure lies. While in Liberia, I started the first autism class and registered non-profit organization with the dedication of supporting persons with intellectual disabilities to live to the highest possible standards.
With the passion and determination to pursue a master of science in ABA, I am confident that the opportunity at Hunter School of education will equip me with the appropriate knowledge and skills to become a competent behavior analyst and team up with other professionals in serving the mentally challenged persons. I loo

Medicine and Health

The written assignments must reflect college-level writing and thinking.

For the final paper, students are required to write a minimum five-page paper (not including title, references) that reflect knowledge and understanding gained in your coursework. It is in essence, a type of policy analysis. Although this is an APA paper, an abstract is NOT required. Identify a legislation (passed in the United States) that has had a significant impact on the burden and distribution of disease, injury, and affects health disparities. Print should be 12-point font (Times New Roman or Arial), with margins of one (1) inch on all four sides. All papers submitted must have APA formatting. The written assignments must reflect college-level writing and thinking. This assignment uses TurnItIn to evaluate for plagiarism.