German Reformation

Consider how developments in late medieval europe fed into the german reformation(s).sources to be used : dennis r. janz, ‘late medieval theology’, in the cambridge companion to reformation theology, ed. by david bagchi and davic c.

1. Consider how developments in late medieval Europe fed into the German Reformation(s).SOURCES TO BE USED : Dennis R. Janz, ‘Late medieval theology’, in The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology, ed. by David Bagchi and Davic C. Steinmetz (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004), pp. 5-14.Alastair Hamilton, ‘Humanists and the Bible’, in The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism, ed. by Jill Kraye (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
, 1996; repr. 2003), pp. 100-117.German subject area modules have adopted the reference system set out in the Chicago Manual of Style for all written work, including Linguistics and Extended Essays. Within this system we ask you to use ‘Notes and Bibliography’ with a full reference for the first citation of a text followed by shortened versions for further quotations from the same source. For work in Linguistics you may alternatively choose to use the ‘Author-Date’ system, again following the guidelines set out in the Chicago Manual of Style. Bibliography should be placed at the end of your essay, beginning on a new page. It will normally consist of two sections, the first listing the primary sources used, the second listing the secondary literature consulted. If you are in any doubt about this distinction, please consult your Module Tutor.All works quoted or referred to in the essay must be included in the Bibliography. The items in the Bibliography should be arranged alphabetically according to the surname of the author or editor. Details of the works used should be set out as described in the Chicago Manual of Style(see above). In the Bibliography you should cite full bibliographical information for your primary and secondary sources, but not include more detailed references (for example to specific pages within an article or chapter). These will appear in the footnotes.