• outline the aims of the infographic and its intended audience.

• Create a one-page infographic that offers information about the role an FCP fulfils in primary care.
• Develop a 1,000-word critical reflection on the context of the infographic.
• 1,000- word critical analysis:
• Outline the aims of the infographic and its intended audience.
• Justify the design of the infographic and the information it contains.
• What are the infographics intended purpose? Support this with relevant literature and critical analysis of the literature you select.Learning outcome 1:
Critically reflect on the roles of AHPs working in primary care including how primary care works, and collaborative working with the primary care MDT.
This assignment has 2 part. first part would be an infographic and second part would be 1000 words assignment regarding that infographic. I have attached file ”Vinay Infographic” which contain topic i want an infographic on as well as written some basis starter information for infographic etc.I have also added 4 example of previous assignments. my topic is very similar to example no 4. you will be able to get reading list of all the example assignment reference list especially example number page no 12 of module information for the assignment i require you to do which is Part 2 – Infographic.
page 38 has Appendix 4 – Format guidelines.Thanks