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THE ASSIGNMENT: Find an interesting legal article, case, statute, etc. that cove

Find an interesting legal article, case, statute, etc. that covers a recent (within 5 years or so) issue. Find something that is long enough for you to be able to write one page about. The topic you choose is entirely up to you. I don’t care what it is as long as it has to do with the law. It can involve international law, American law, state law, local law, etc.
After you find an article, write a one-page paper (MUST BE ONE PAGE) that summarizes the article and includes your opinion on the legal matter you decided to write about. Your write-up MUST include a reference to where you found the information for your summary. Your source information MUST be directly below the title of your paper (see sample below) or included in a footnote if your source information is too long to place neatly under the title.
1. Must be submitted in Word or PDF format.
2. Name in upper left-hand corner
3. Typewritten
4. Do not indent paragraphs
5. Single space the body of each paragraph
6. double space between paragraphs (this means one blank line between the end of one paragraph and the beginning of the next paragraph)
7. 12 point font –Times New Roman
8. 1 inch margins – top, bottom, left, right
9. Paragraph alignment should be set at left. In other words, do not set your paragraphs to be justified.
10. I strongly recommend that you ensure that the word processing program that you are using does not have default spacing that will make spacing between paragraphs or lines wider than one blank line. Also be sure that your default settings do not indent paragraphs.