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Please answer these questions

Please answer these questions
Please consider the following project management scenarios…
3 a. You are coordinating a pilot and have discovered that a team member is running behind on their task but did not inform you. Late delivery will cause delays further down the project timeline. How do you handle this situation?
3b. You send instructions to one of the international teams for a project and ask them to reach out to you with questions if they have any. You do not receive any questions and several days later, the team submits their work. Upon review, you realize they did not follow a significant portion of your instructions. How do you handle this situation?
Please consider the following conflict management scenarios…
4a. You are on a call and it is going in the wrong direction. You are responsible for making this call work. What do you do, how do you handle the situation?
4b. Your boss asks you to do something that you either don’t think makes sense or conflicts with your best judgement. How do you handle this?
Each answer should be 4-5 sentences.