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This will cause a cost overrun.

After reading the Olympics (A): Would you want to Manage Projects for the City Hosting the Olympic Games? case study and the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (, respond to the following questions. For each question, assume you are a project manager working for a contractor in the private sector. Your company has one or more contracts for venues at the Olympic Games. There are several possible alternatives to these questions, but your job is to think about what you would do.
1. You read over the statement of work for the project and discover that it was based on erroneous assumptions. Your cost baseline is insufficient to get the work done. What should you do next?
2. Some of the political stakeholders that are part of the OCOG appear to have hidden agendas and are now changing your project’s requirements. This will cause a cost overrun. You are not sure if the changes are necessary. What should you do next?
Note: This paper don’t need an introduction and conclusion, please just focus on responding to questions in detail. Use headings.